From ideal to real: Strategic vs. Tactical planning

It’s in our nature to look toward the future in inspirational terms, the same is true for non-profit boards of directors. Organizational leadership has a mandate to look toward the future, ensuring the sustainable longevity of doing good. 

In planning terms, the inspirational viewpoint aligns with a strategic plan. It contains your dream (vision), the journey (strategy) and destination (goal). All of these are key elements to an organization’s success.

To think in terms of a tactical plan, the organizational leadership needs to think about the more practical elements such as the steps (purpose), acts (tactics), and results (objectives) bringing the ideal to real.

What does this look like? 


Strategic Plan = The dream of where you want to go over the next three to five years.

Tactical Plan = The purpose for your immediate goals over the next twelve to eighteen months.


Strategic Plan = The journey you need to take over the next three to five years to reach your dream destination.

Tactical Plan = The acts you need to to achieve your most immediate goals.


Strategic Plan = The destination you want to arrive at in the next three to five years.

Tactical Plan = The results your purpose and acts will achieve in the more near term.

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