Tactical Plans: Task setting

Tactical Plans, as we’ve read, are all about the NOW. What do you need to do in the next twelve to eighteen months to move forward, achieve goals, feel solid footing beneath you. Tactical plans focus on actions.

But how do you root out the most important actions?


This is where a task-setting matrix helps. It clears up all the issues that sit in your organization’s collective brain and breaks them down into four clear categories: do it no, plan it, delegate and drop. You may be thinking “I can’t drop anything!!” but the truth is, there will always be some items that seem important in your mind that, when written down, actually aren’t.

Take a few moments and write down all of the issues your organization faces right now.

There is a power in writing things down. Many times the things we worry over in our brains don’t seem so terrifying when on paper. In our trainings, we use giant sheets of paper so that everyone can see the great-big-imposing list up on a wall and then we use the matrix to break those worries down. At the end of the exercise, there is a relief because the organization now has a plan, a path, a set of tasks to be worked on and accomplished. You can too.

Do you see how your great-big-list falls into the four categories? The items in the DO IT NOW section are the roots of your tactical plan.

Would you like to learn more about task setting, tactical planning and overall board trainings? Feel free to reach out to us with your questions. We can be reached at jennifer@urbanaskew.com.

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