Project Worksheet for Tactical Planning

Task setting for tactical planning is a basic function of achieving your goals. Below is a link to our Project Worksheet which, combined with others, creates a majority of your organization’s tactical plans. All of these project sheets should align with the journey your organization wants to take, laying out the route upon which it needs to travel.

Project Name:

What action do you need to take?

Project Team:

Who is going to be responsible for this project and the process steps needed to accomplish it? Is it a committee as a whole? An individual? A team of three people? This sets the responsibility and accountability for the project.

Purpose/Mission of Project:

What do you want this project to accomplish and how does it fit in with the overall organizational goals you have?

Expected Results:

A brief statement of what a successful and accomplished project will look like.

Due Date:

When will the overall project be completed by? It is also recommended that you have due dates attached to each action step for clarity and overall time-bound success.

Deliverables/Key Milestones:

What do you want this project to accomplish? Is it an increase of 15% in your membership? A marketing plan for an upcoming fundraising event? What does success of the project look like?

Action Steps:

What are the actions needed to accomplish the previously stated deliverables and milestones? Write them out as completely and as specifically as possible so that the entire board understands what needs to be accomplished.

Communications Plan:

This is your RACI– who is responsible, accountable, consulted and informed. Beyond that, how are accomplishments, pitfalls and areas of opportunity communicated to each of those segments?

Alignment To Other Projects:

This project may work in conjunction with other stated projects within your tactical plan. It may need to be accomplished prior to another project’s start or after another project’s completion. State how these connect.

Get your Project Worksheet here:

Project Worksheet

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