Board Basis Calendar & Courses

As we mentioned before, now is the perfect time to think about your organization’s overall board health. Over the next two months, urbanASKEW is going to guide you through a full Board Basics training. There will be background and exercises for you to work on – individually and as a board from the comfort of your own homes. At the end of every section there will be a webinar to recap what you have learned and give an overall understanding of what you have read. These webinars will be maxed out at 25 people so it is first come, first serve.

Below is the Board Basics syllabus. Links to articles will be updated as they are posted. Webinar information including cost and sign-ups will be posted in the coming days as well.

We encourage you to bring your boards together to experience the entire training at one time. If you find you would like individualized instruction or have deeper questions and issues you would like to have our team address, we can arrange an individualized webinar for you.

If you have any questions about our Board Basics Training Guide, please feel free to reach out to us here.

Board Basics Training – Guided Exercises

3/31 – Guide introduction
4/1 – Board duties – care, loyalty and obedience
4/2 –Individual evaluations
4/7 – Teamwork evaluations
4/8 – Important document scavenger hunt / Introduction
4/9 – Scavenger hunt – Job descriptions
4/14 – Scavenger hunt – Board bylaws
4/15 – Scavenger hunt – Conflict of interest
4/16 –Scavenger hunt – Whistle-blower policy
4/17 – Scavenger hunt – Committee charters

4/21 – WEBINAR – Board Basics Recap: duties, policies and people

4/23 – Committee structure
4/28 – Board meetings/Introduction
4/29 – Board meeting/Agendas
4/30 –Board meeting discussions and timing

5/5 – WEBINAR – Board Meetings Recap: best practices

5/6 – Communications/Introduction
5/7 – Communications Plans/Internal
5/12 – Communications Plans/External
5/13 – Communications Plans/Talking points and messaging

5/19 – WEBINAR – Board Communications

5/20 – SWOT/Introduction
5/21 – Strengths vs Weaknesses
5/26 – Opportunities vs Threats
5/27 – Deeper planning/Strategic vs Tactical
5/28 –Tactical Planning
5/29 – Strategic Planning

6/2 – WEBINAR – Board Plans

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