Board Basics

Every nonprofit board needs the same basic best practices, skills, policies and documents…and every nonprofit is completely unique. In this section, we break down our articles by category for easy reference and a useful resource.

Duties and Documents

Board duties – care, loyalty and obedience

Important document scavenger hunt / Introduction

Scavenger hunt – Job descriptions
Scavenger hunt – Board bylaws
Scavenger hunt – Conflict of interest
Scavenger hunt – Whistle-blower policy
Scavenger hunt – Committee charters

Boards and Committees

Individual evaluations
Teamwork evaluations

Committee structure
Board meetings
Board meeting/Agendas
Board meeting discussions and timing

Internal Plans


Communications Plans/Internal
Communications Plans/External
Communications Plans/Talking points and messaging


Strengths vs Weaknesses
Opportunities vs Threats

Deeper planning/Strategic vs Tactical

Tactical Planning
Strategic Planning

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