Join our free webinar! 5 Things you can do today to boost year-end giving.

For many of us in the nonprofit world, Thanksgiving means that not only are we busy with family-focused activities, but also the harried push of year-end giving. If you work for a smaller organization, one that hasn’t quite come up with a plan yet for this all-important time of year, or you just seem to be behind the eight ball – Don’t fret!

urbanASKEW is offering a FREE webinar on Thursday, December 10, 2020 at 3 p.m. eastern. This webinar will focus on 5 Things you can do today to boost year-end giving – even if you don’t have a plan or much of a budget.

Sign up here!

The hour-long webinar will cover key fundamentals of giving including why people give, the importance of relationship building, and how to say “thank you” early and often in order to increase donation dollars. We will also help you get a jump on your 2021 fundraising plan.

Would you like more information about this FREE webinar or other services offered by urbanASKEW? Contact us here.

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