Tactical Planning for Nonprofits – A quick review

Tactical planning is something we, at urbanASKEW, believe is a fundamental piece to a successful organization. Tactical plans layout the action items and targets an organization needs to accomplish over a 12- to 18-month period. They are a roadmap on where your organization needs to go and the exact steps you need to get there….

Our Client Services

urbanASKEW provides a wide range of client services including board development training, event planning, one-on-one coaching and more. Learn more about our services using the link below. urbanASKEW_Information Sheet

It’s time to get RACI

People rarely consider organizational planning something that is particularly sexy, but it is RACI. RACI is the cornerstone of task setting and communication planning. It breaks down: who is responsible, who is accountable, who is consulted and who is informed. R – Who is responsible? Look at the items listed in the DO IT NOW…

Case Study: Gloversville, NY

Our principal member, Jennifer Jennings, worked closely with the leaders of Gloversville, NY for three years bringing placemaking, community building and downtown events to the City’s business district. Read all about the impact our philosophy and practice have made. Gloversville Case Study