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Project Worksheet for Tactical Planning

Task setting for tactical planning is a basic function of achieving your goals. Below is a link to our Project Worksheet which, combined with others, creates a majority of your organization’s tactical plans. All of these project sheets should align with the journey your organization wants to take, laying out the route upon which it…

Tactical Plans: Task setting

Tactical Plans, as we’ve read, are all about the NOW. What do you need to do in the next twelve to eighteen months to move forward, achieve goals, feel solid footing beneath you. Tactical plans focus on actions. But how do you root out the most important actions? This is where a task-setting matrix helps….

Planning: Journey vs. Route

Organizations always need a mix of inspiration and practicality as they work. We’ve touched on this before, discussing working from the ideal to real in your planning process. Today, we look at one key component of your planning process: Planning. The journey Strategic plans are the embodiment of your organization’s dreams, a vision of where…

Practical planning: The route of tactical planning

Tactical planning is rooted in the realities of the everyday life of your organization. Your abilities and your limitations. They breakdown your strategic goals into the daily grind of action steps. It doesn’t sound sexy or inspiring does it? The truth is, tactical plans provide an immense amount of freedom, comfort and empowerment. As we’ve…