Strategic Planning for Nonprofits

Strategic plans look into the future three to five years, setting up the goal posts your organization wants to hit by the end of the plan. We’ve talked before about inspirational versus practical planning and about journey versus route, but here’s a quick reminder. When it comes to nonprofit organizational planning, the inspirational view –…

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Planning: Journey vs. Route

Organizations always need a mix of inspiration and practicality as they work. We’ve touched on this before, discussing working from the ideal to real in your planning process. Today, we look at one key component of your planning process: Planning. The journey Strategic plans are the embodiment of your organization’s dreams, a vision of where…

Inspirational Thinking

Inspirational thinking is at the heart of a strategic plan. Organizations look into the future and envision how they will operate through programming, fundraising, governance and more. Close your eyes. What’s your dream for the organization? What will it be doing? This dream is your vision of the organization. Think about the direction this vision…

The powers of inspiration and practicality

Inspirational vs. Practical All organizations need a balance between inspiration and practicality. We need a long-term goal to work towards with the immediate action steps laid out in a neat path for us to follow. In non-profits, the inspiration comes from a clear strategic plan where the practical is laid out in a tactical plan….