Tactical Planning for Nonprofits

What is a tactical plan? Tactical plans break-down an organization’s goals and needs for a short period of time, usually 12 to 18 months. They can work as a support to an overall strategic plan (three to five year goals) or they can work as a catalyst to get an organization’s board on-track to tackle…

Deeper Planning – Strategic and Tactical Planning for Nonprofits

It’s in our nature to look toward the future in inspirational terms. No matter the size of your nonprofit, your work is driven by a central mission of doing good work and making a positive impact in your community or the larger world. Organizational leadership has a mandate to look toward the future, ensuring the…

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Project Worksheet for Tactical Planning

Task setting for tactical planning is a basic function of achieving your goals. Below is a link to our Project Worksheet which, combined with others, creates a majority of your organization’s tactical plans. All of these project sheets should align with the journey your organization wants to take, laying out the route upon which it…

Tactical Plans: Task setting

Tactical Plans, as we’ve read, are all about the NOW. What do you need to do in the next twelve to eighteen months to move forward, achieve goals, feel solid footing beneath you. Tactical plans focus on actions. But how do you root out the most important actions? This is where a task-setting matrix helps….