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urbanASKEW works with communities, non-profits, and individuals to create a strong, vibrant environment through education, engagement and empowerment. These three pillars work together, revitalizing local leaders, non-profit organizations, business districts, and neighborhoods. urbanASKEW believes that every person can have a positive lasting change in the future, in the place they call home.


urbanASKEW believes that education is an important piece to revitalization. We work with organizations on the board and professional staff levels in order to create strong community-focused groups who understand best practices, organizational planning, and accountability.


urbanASKEW understands that in order for a successful change, the community needs to be engaged in the process. We work with municipalities, nonprofit groups, and county organizations to engage their communities and inspire action and change.


urbanASKEW’s goal is to create empowerment through our work with organizations and municipalities. Our training, planning, and guidance services work with community leaders, empowering them to inspire and make change in the place they call home.


urbanASKEW works with local leaders, business owners, and nonprofit organizations to create strong communities through our training, planning, and coaching services. We provide the skills, support, and guidance needed on the journey of revitalization, believing that success comes from the community up.


We picture a future full of strong communities where local leaders, businesses, and nonprofit organizations have the tools, talent, and inspiration to create positive, lasting change.


  • We know you are the experts on your community and your organization.
  • We recognize that change can be scary.
  • We believe there is never a problem too big to solve.
  • We focus on educating leaders of all sorts (even those who don’t realize they are leaders).
  • We care about your success and work with you to create realistic and powerful action steps, engaging you and your communities in the process in order to accomplish your goals.
  • We celebrate your victories because every-single positive step deserves a moment of acknowledgement.
  • We support you on your journey, providing guidance when you feel stuck or need a cheerleader.
  • We appreciate your time, care, and dedication to the process of creating positive, lasting change in your community and organization.

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