urbanASKEW believes that strong communities are the building-block of change and revitalization. Across our country, small nonprofit organizations work daily to provide services, guidance, culture and education to their neighbors. In most cases, these nonprofits are run by all-volunteer boards or have just one or two professional nonprofit staff. Understandably, these boards are concerned first and foremost on creating a positive impact in their community, with little time available for board development.

Board development works with boards and their professional nonprofit staff to educate and empower, focusing on best practices, organizational evaluations and planning.

urbanASKEW works with nonprofits through our board trainings, planning services, and one-on-one coaching sessions. We provide tools and guidance to boards and non-profit professional staff, allowing them to focus in on the needs of their organization and pave a path forward. Board development is meant to help organizations work smarter, not harder; to provide the tools to create an efficient infrastructure in order to accomplish big and little goals along the way.

The board members of community nonprofits are leaders, neighbors, and business owners. The knowledge and experience they gain through our board trainings, planning, and coaching works its way into their daily lives and onto other boards of which they may be members. We believe that a strong community and sustainable revitalization process is dependent upon strong community-based organizations steeped in board development and best practices.

urbanASKEW provides the following services and resources:

Board Trainings and Organizational Planning
Coaching Services
Detailed Guides