urbanASKEW’s goal is to create empowerment through our work with nonprofit organizations and local municipalities. No one person or organization creates sustainable change, but many individuals empowered to make small, positive actions affect change in a way that inspires ever greater numbers to believe in, and participate in, making their community better.

One person can make a positive, lasting change in their community. We provide the guidance and support to empower everyone to help create an impact in the revitalization and health of their home.

Our training and guidance services work with community leaders, empowering them to inspire and make change in the place they call home. Guidance includes support services in the process of planning events that are community-generated and community-focused and one-on-one personal coaching for community leaders, nonprofit professional staff and organizational board leaders.

urbanASKEW also provides articles and downloadable guides for individuals and organizations to use as they travel on their journey toward revitalization and community empowerment.

urbanASKEW provides the following services and resources: