urbanASKEW works with communities to reconnect and re-energize their downtowns through something called placemaking, a form of economic development and community revitalization that reconnects the community to the physical spaces they share. Placemaking focuses on the people, the culture, and the built environment and working off of the unique qualities that make each city, town, and village special. Placemaking builds upon, recaptures, and encourages social capital, the relationships between neighbors, businesses, local government, and civic organizations.

Engagement can take many forms including information-gathering discussions, community-wide event planning and programming, and nonprofit fundraising and outreach events.


Information-gathering discussion sessions

urbanASKEW works with municipalities and community-based organizations to host discussion groups and project-specific information-gathering meetings. Both are open conversations regarding issues that directly affect those who call the city or business district home.

Community-wide events

urbanASKEW has worked with municipalities and community-based organizations to host large community-wide events including year-long farmers markets, annual festivals, conferences, and celebration dinners. Community event planning can often be overwhelming, urbanASKEW brings knowledge, experience, and skill to the table with the purpose of inspiring community members and building trust in positive change.

Nonprofit fundraising and outreach events

urbanASKEW has extensive experience partnering with nonprofit organizations in their fundraising and outreach events including celebration dinners, galas, conferences, annual appeals, and more. We recognize that community-based nonprofits are a central pillar to a healthy community and healthy local economy, our services help with the important lift of fundraising.

urbanASKEW provides the following services and resources: