Plans change and opportunities arise

How does the ancient proverb go? “May you live in interesting times.” Not exactly a blessing, but not quite a curse either. Over the last few weeks, COVID-19 has created a very interesting world indeed. And while many of us are dealing with juggling child care, checkbooks and crisis communications, I’d like to ask you to take a step away from the craziness and breathe.

Fill your lungs. Feel them reach out and touch your ribs, your spine. 

Do you feel a little better? A little relaxed? Great. Taking a deep breath always helps me find a moment of peace no matter where I am. I want you to harness that feeling and pivot to an unexpected opportunity you have as an organizationMany of you now have a chance to really work on the basics of board health. Seriously. Our altered schedules and social distancing have opened up a lot of computer time, time where we as board members and organizational leaders can have open and honest discussions about the overall health of our management and implementation of key goals, responsibilities and programming.

Over the coming days and weeks, urbanASKEW is going to walk you through some exercises your entire board can do from their own homes. We are calling it our Board Basics course.

One exercise per day to focus your organization’s leadership and build a strong and vibrant and functioning board of directors.

We will also host four webinars on the exercises and sections, helping you to implement sustainable change. In addition, if you would like an individualized board training via webinar, we can arrange that too.

Would you like more information on how we can create an individualized board training webinar package for your organization? Please contact us at

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