Tactical plans help you get through the panic

We all have moments of panic, when the issues at hand seem far too overwhelming to even take a first step toward fixing the problem. We also understand the need to put out fires, or address the most immediate needs as they come.

How does that make you feel?

For me, it seems as if I’m running in place and not moving even an inch forward. For volunteer-run non-profits this feeling is often their norm rather than an occasional occurrence.

We call this a place of panic, one where you cannot step back and consider the bigger picture, other important issues within the organization, or how you can alleviate the issues at hand. Your focus is only on the crisis and not on conditions that created the crisis.

Tactical plans help. They have the ability to move an organization from a place of panic to a space of creativity and they all begin by naming the problems at hand. There is a magic that happens when you name the issues, throw them up on a wall in a free-from list and begin to see the patterns, the connections. You will notice that some of your issues are small and easily accomplished without much effort. You will recognize how larger issues are connected to several areas of panic rather than one big clump. In these instances each connecting area can be plotted out into smaller steps in order to achieve a large victory.

By naming the problem, you begin to solve the problem. You take ownership. You become empowered to change and grow. 

Tactical plans help you push through the panic of now and plot the success of the future. A 12-month path broken down step-by-step with due dates, actions, responsible parties, a unified understanding of accountability…everything laid out in a transparent plan for everyone to refer to, monitor and take pride in.

Would you like more information on how you can create a tactical plan for your organization? Feel free to reach out to our team at any time. We can be reached at jennifer@urbanaskew.com.

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